by Sean Dough

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released February 20, 2015

Executive Producer - Chris Felix
Additional Producer - Ryan Slepin
Recording Engineer - Nathaniel Spiner
Mixing Engineers - Nathaniel Spiner & Ryan Slepin
Assistant Engineer - Curt Meyerowich
Publicity - Arismendy Hernandez



all rights reserved


Hoot/Wisdom Recordings Boca Raton, Florida

Hoot/Wisdom Recordings L.L.C is a student-run record label located right on Florida Atlantic University's Boca Raton Campus. Check out our pages for updates, news, upcoming events, and what's going on! Follow us on:

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Track Name: Doing Great
Before you have to ask
I'm a tell you what I'm down for
I'm out spitting facts
Tryna make change on the down low
Rappers think I won't last
They don't know about dough
Talking like they know cash
They don't know about Dough
So they don't know the fact
That all that paper fake
Some of y'all gone laugh
But that FED a private bank
The owners make us stack
And they don't give us a say
So while you haters laughing
Think I'll just join you late
Last laugh at that hate

But I be great
I'm doing great x4
Laughing at your hate
I’m doing great x5
Laughing at your hate

So go on hater stack that cake, cake
So come on hater stack that cake, cake
So go on hater stack that cake
Hold up this my verse I thought I’d switch it up
Just enough
Just as haters duck
They feel that uppercut
Just in case
That rhyme came in late
But anyway, I just meant to say
I'm not here to stay the same
Naw, I'm here to innovate
Wait x2
So why you rappers sound the same?
So why you rappers still the same?
Damn, for a second thought I seemed insane
Hope this got you second guessing all the raps you wrote today
Or should it?
You ain't about it
Like you Canadian I think I made it man
I can tell by how the fakes evading me
They can't take the real it's so crazy fam
But I be here still spitting the truth like Yoda
But even more clear when ripping the booth I told ya

I be doing great
I'm doing great x4
Laughing at your hate
I’m doing great x5
Laughing at your hate

Don't let these lames correct me
Cause they don't get me
Tell ‘em keep on talking semis and Martin Remys
They narrow with they concepts
Product of they conscience
I'm sick of hearing rappers talking like they really ‘bout this they ‘bout that
Cause y'all played out
I'm out here on that fade route
Y'all rap like y'all k'd out
I bet I never ever fade out
Cause I'm real
Just ain't been through what y'all been through
Ain't been in the hoods y'all been to
Still slowing I been going mental
Tryna make a change with a pencil
And that's quite a job
Meanwhile y'all talking about that kill and rob
But how you be doing that while you making music?
Might have a nine but no time to use it
How are you a killer if you making moves?
In the game I think you fake and confusing

I be doing great
I'm doing great x4
Laughing at your hate
I’m doing great x5
Laughing at your hate